Our Services

New Construction
Cadastral and Sectional Title Surveys
  • Township Establishment surveys
  • Subdivision surveys
  • Consolidation diagrams
  • Lease surveys
  • Beacon Relocations or Replacement surveys
  • Boundary disputes and resolution
  • Sectional Title surveys
  • Encroachment investigation surveys
New Construction
Engineering Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
    • Site Survey benchmarks/Control establishment
    • Earthworks (Dam walls, platforms, foundations)
    • Setting surveys of Roads, railway lines, bridges, culverts, powerlines surveys, building, pipelines, fibre lines, photo voltaic solar plants and Mine infrastructure.
    • Concrete Civil works (Plinths, HD Bolts, formworks)
    • Pipelines, conveyors and Canals
    • Periodic volumetric survey for the purpose of claims
    • Earthworks quantity disputes
    • Monitoring of construction quality
    • As-built surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
    • Digital Terrain Modelling and contour mapping
    • Site control Establishment
    • Detail Surveys (Fence lines, sewer networks, stormwater etc)
  • Structural deformation monitoring
    • Deformation and monitoring surveys of Bridges, high rise buildings, dam walls, water towers and reservoir
  • Turnkey Projects
    • Design proposal for approval by the engineer for: Roads, Railway lines, Bridges, Dam walls, Sewer and water reticulation networks.
New Construction
Aerial Surveys
  • LiDAR
    • Topographical and micro topography mapping
    • 3D mapping using LiDAR data to create DEMs, DSMs, and DTMs in conjunction with high resolution orthoimages
    • Aerial and Terrestrial scanning
    • Roadway mapping
New Construction
Mine Surveys
  • Establishment of open cast mine survey control
  • Periodic volumetric survey and calculations
  • Stockpile and excavation surveys calculation of quantities
  • Setting out of exploration boreholes
  • Setting out of blast pattern
  • Movement Monitoring Surveys
New Construction
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Data management - conversion of raster and vector data, projection conversions, editing and updating of data
  • Spatial Analysis - multi-criteria analysis for site suitability, habitat modelling, Network analysis, spatial patterns, digital elevation modelling
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Habitat suitability modelling
  • Natural disaster mapping
  • Flood analysis
  • Raster and vector workflows
  • Projections
  • Image processing
  • Utility mapping (fibre optic lines, powerlines, water, sewer, and gas lines)
New Construction
Remote Sensing
  • Landsat, Sentinel, RapidEye, WorldView, etc.
  • Image classification and feature extraction
  • Machine learning models for land cover classification
  • LiDAR processing
  • Change detection
  • Image pre-processing: orthorectification, atmospheric correction, radiometric normalization, mosaicking & colour balancing
  • Image Classification
  • Biomass modelling, estimation and monitoring
  • Field data collection
  • Model validation and accuracy assessment
  • LiDAR data analyses for applications in forestry, flood inundation mapping, vegetation change assessment
  • Environment assessment
  • Flood mapping and modelling
  • Ecological and land classification
  • Pollutant modelling
  • Road mapping
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Urban utility mapping
  • Structural deformation surveys
New Construction
Underground Detection Services
  • Detection of pipes
  • Detection of cables
  • Clearance of monitoring well and borehole locations prior to drilling
  • Clearing trenching positions for various construction applications
  • Service Detection and Surveying for design purposes
  • Marking identifies services out with spray paint on the surface or with painted stakes
  • Brief detection report with photos of identified services
  • Survey drawing in CAD formats